Saturday, March 18, 2023

Ordinary Moments

Have you ever felt like your life is slipping away?

I know that I have. Rather than accomplishing my dreams life seems to be swallowed up with the daily responsibilities that are required for pastoring and having a family. These are good things, but my dreams often need to be put on a back burner because of them.

In Seizing Your Divine Moment, Erwin McManus, a pastor and author, wrote, "This may sound too simple, but the abundant life that Jesus promises is ushered in through the choices we make in the ordinary moments of life."

This statement emphasizes the power of our choices and how they can shape our lives in profound ways.

When we think of "abundant life," we often envision a life filled with wealth, success, and happiness. However, the Bible offers a different perspective.

In John 10:10, Jesus says, "I came that they may have life and have it abundantly." This abundant life is not defined by material possessions or external circumstances, but by a deep and meaningful relationship with God. A relationship that is defined by trusting in and acting on God’s promises.

So, how do our choices influence this abundant life?

McManus suggests that it's the small, seemingly insignificant choices we make in the ordinary moments of life that ultimately shape our spiritual formation as we seek live as Jesus lived. These choices include how we respond to difficult situations, how we treat others, and how we prioritize our time and resources.

For example, if we consistently choose to respond with kindness and forgiveness instead of anger and bitterness, we cultivate a heart that reflects the character of God. If we prioritize our relationship with God through prayer and Bible study, we develop a deeper understanding of His love and purpose for our lives.

It's easy to overlook the impact of these everyday choices, but over time, they add up and shape the trajectory of our lives. As the saying goes, "little by little, a little becomes a lot."

Of course, making the right choices is not always easy. We are imperfect people who make mistakes and face different obstacles along the way. However, the good news is that we do not have to rely solely on our own strength and willpower. Through the power of the Holy Spirit and the Christian community we belong to, we have access to the wisdom, guidance, and strength we need to make choices that align with God's will.

The abundant life that Jesus promises is not something that is achieved through external circumstances or possessions. Rather, it's a life that is rooted in a deep and meaningful relationship with God, and it's ushered in through the choices we make in the ordinary moments of life. As we make choices that reflect God's character and prioritize our relationship with Him, we can experience the fullness of life that He has promised us.

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