Monday, March 20, 2023

Hebrews: Warning Against Neglect

STOP — Hebrews 2:1-4

The writer of Hebrews is urging the readers to pay close attention to what they have heard to avoid drifting away. The danger they are facing is that they are neglecting the salvation they have been taught, and this neglect will have dire consequences. This salvation was confirmed by Jesus and witnessed by those who heard him, and God also testified to its truth through miracles and gifts given to Christians through the Holy Spirit.

Followers of Jesus need focus on knowing God’s word and doing God’s word.

  1. For this reason: Jesus is superior to the angels and the angels are ministering spirits for God’s people. This is the truth that the writer of Hebrews wants people to remember.
  2. When we forget who Jesus is and place too much emphasize on angels or even spiritual gifts and experiences, it is easy for us to drift away from the truth.
  3. Angels, who are ministering spirits to God’s people, spoke a message that was legally binding, how much more are the words of Jesus authoritative in our lives?
  4. The salvation that we have was promised by God from the beginning and is being confirmed through Jesus and those who proclaim Jesus to the world.
  5. God proved that Jesus is the Messiah through miracles Jesus and the Holy Spirit empowered good works that Jesus’s followers are able to do.

Lord, help me to remain focused on the truth of the Gospel so that it guides both my thoughts and my actions.

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