Wednesday, March 8, 2023

Hebrews: The Nature of the Son


STOP - Hebrews 1:1-4


God speaks to His people. In the past God spoke through prophets, but now He has spoken through His Son. The Son represents God perfectly and He sustains all things and made possible the purification for sin. In this He has proven to be greater than the angels.


Jesus is the perfect representation of God. To know Jesus is to know God.


1. God speaks to His people. He has communicated His word and will to them. In the past this mostly done through other people: Prophets.

2. At the right time, when there was a people who were familiar with God’s word, Jesus came as the perfect representation of God.

3. Jesus is the Creator and Heir of the universe. It belongs to Him.

4. Jesus continues to work at sustaining the universe and He made purification sin possible.

5. Jesus reigns with God in Heaven. 

6. All these things prove that Jesus is greater than the angels. He is not just another heavenly spiritual being.


Lord, thank You for Jesus. I may not understand everything about the incarnation, I do trust that Jesus is the Eternal Son who secured forgiveness of sins for your people.

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