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Sunday, April 16, 2023

Sunday Prayer: Thank You For Life

Heavenly Father,

I approach You with a heart full of gratitude for the gift of life that You have given me. I thank You for sustaining me, protecting me, and guiding me in all my ways.

Lord, You have entrusted me with the responsibility of caring for my life, and I recognize that it is only through You that I can make wise choices that lead to life. Grant me Your wisdom and discernment, that I may choose the path of life that leads to You.

Help me to stay connected to You, the source of all life, through faith in Your Son, Jesus Christ. Strengthen me to follow Him, even when it is difficult, so that I may experience the abundant life that He offers.

I declare today that I choose life, and I ask for Your guidance and protection as I walk in this path. May my life bring glory to You and be a testimony of Your goodness and grace.

In Jesus' name, I pray, amen.

Tuesday, February 21, 2023

Philippians: Appreciation of Support


STOP — Philippians 4:10-23


Paul expressed his thanks for the Philippians support. He has learned to be thankful in all circumstances because God is with him providing him with what he needs. The Philippians have generously supported Paul through the years, ever since he left Philippi, so Paul prayed that God would supply their needs.  


We need to be grateful, knowing that God will provide for our needs.


  1. The Philippians have been generous in their support for Paul. Not only has Paul been appreciative of their generosity, but he also worshipped God because of them. Paul knew that God provided for his needs through the actions of the Philippians church.
  2. Paul had a roller coaster life. Sometimes he had enough to live on and other times he did not. Whatever he is situation Paul was grateful to God and that allowed him to be content.
  3. Paul gained his strength to do ministry, whether well fed or hungry, through the strength God gave him. Without God’s provision he would not be able to keep going.
  4. The Philippians had a heart for Paul’s ministry, and they wanted to partner with him in it. This led them to generously support Paul whenever they had the opportunity to send him gifts.


Lord, I want to be like Paul who trusted you for the provisions he had in his life.

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