I played basketball for a small Christian college (Nebraska Christian College). During my time there we won the NBCAA Div. 2 National Championship in 1993 and 1994. We also won our conference championship in 1995 and 1996. We expected to win, but our coach instilled in us the importance of doing the little things that made winning possible. Things like making free throws, rebounding, having fewer turnovers, etc. At the beginning of the season he would set goals for us in these different categories that we would need to achieve if we were going to win. Coach would tell us that if we took care of these details, then winning would take care of itself. And he was right.

Often in life we get focused on “winning,” how ever you might define victory. For me “winning” is defined by the influence I have with people. I want people to be influenced by what I say, write and do. I want people to search me out for advice. Often I feel like I losing at life because I don’t have the influence I want to have. The problem is I get so focused on having influence that I forget to stop and consider what it takes to have influence in the life of another person.

This blog post by Morgan Snyder reminds us of one of the most important aspects of life that we need to keep in mind if we are going to experience victory in this life.

I was reading a recent NPR news article on Apple’s recent iphone release and all the upgrades associated with their big splash. In the world of “let’s build a better mousetrap” it was quite impressive.Here’re a few features that caught my attention:

  • A new lower end 5c release at the $99.00 price point to capture an entire generation of future technology addicts.
  • Cool crazy colors that just might satisfy every single person’s preference and personality.
  • A fancy “Gold” luxury model that communicates status, power and prestige for those of us feeling like maybe our iphone isn’t as big as a buddy’s iphone.
  • The all new “Touch ID,” Apple’s response to the “necessary” fingerprint technology. I sure don’t want anyone sneaking on my phone and messing up my Angry Birds scores, right?!
  • And as if the current camera wasn’t remarkable enough on the 4s, this next one raises the bar leaps and bounds, boasting 8-megapixel image capture, 33% light-sensitivity increase, new true tone double flash, burst mode, and the list goes on…
  • An all new 64-bit processor that boasts speed of up to twice as fast as anything Apple has ever released. This incidentally is 56 times the speed of the original iphone released in 2007.

It was the next line that caught me off guard.

And “investors were unimpressed,” as Apple stock price responded with a huge drop of 3%.

Of course they were.

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