Overcome EnvyOne of the challenges I have faced through out my life is jealousy.  Jealousy and envy are deadly sins because they reside so secretly in our hearts.  These evil twin sisters rob us of joy and hope.  If we are going to enjoy life and become the people God created us to be we have to get rid of them from our lives.

For most of my life these sins have made me wish I was living someone else’s life.  I spent so much time envying the lives of friends that I missed out on truly enjoying my life.  Thankfully God was patient with me and healed my heart so that I could finally enjoy the person he created me to be.

These sins revealed themselves again this week in my heart.  As the Miami Heat and the San Antonio Spurs played for the NBA Championship I found myself actively cheering against the Heat.  Why?  I cheered against the Heat, and not for the Spurs, because I was envious of their team.  I wanted my Boston Celtics to have that type of talent and be championship contenders.  I couldn’t enjoy the excitement of the games because envy and jealousy had me hoping for the Heat to make a mistake.

Since envy and jealousy are sins and steal away our joy we must do whatever it takes to get rid of them.  The starting point for this is surrendering to God.  Confess these sins to Him and ask for forgiveness.  Ask the Holy Spirit to heal your heart and bring joy into your life.  This doesn’t happen over night, but God will give you the victory over these evil twin sisters.

Part of faith is acting as if God’s promise is true, even when it doesn’t feel true.  So even though you still have those moments of envy and jealousy, begin to act like you these sins no longer enslave you.  Joshua Becker has a post at Becoming Minimalist that lists specific things you can do to make that happen.

“Envy is ignorance.” –Ralph Waldo Emerson

Very few people would argue for the positive influence of envy in our lives. In fact, most of us can quickly recognize its harmful effects:

It fosters discontent and distress.
It binds our freedom.
It leads to resentment and bitterness.
It causes us to do things we wouldn’t normally do.
It can spiral into depression.
And yet, the wasted emotions of envy and jealousy continue to be present in our lives. It is a constant battle that wars against our heart and soul. We experience envy over other peoples’ appearance, talents, relationships, and bank accounts. It offers no positive contribution to our lives. Yet, it remains.

It is time to break free. Certainly, each of us desire to live in freedom from jealousy and envy. How then, can we overcome it?

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