There are days we wake up and in our hearts we know it is impossible for us to have a good day. Our outside circumstances have robbed us of joy and hope, and all we feel like doing is staying in bed.

We may feel hopeless and powerless to do anything about those circumstances, but our God specializes in doing the impossible. He created the universe out of nothing and raised Jesus from the dead. God has the power to infuse hope into our hopeless situation.

This is the truth that Morgan Snyder writes about in this blog post from Become Good Soil.

Recently, I was picking up the neighborhood boys to drive them to school along with our kids as is part of our Thursday morning liturgy. But on this particular day, things were a bit different: our little buddy TJ had declared war on kindergarten and was standing his ground with every bit of strength he could muster.

TJ was a wreck. My initial assessment would’ve been that he was having a seizure. But a quick glance at the look of exasperation and fatigue, rather than fear, on his mom’s face showed me we were dealing with something different. He was laid out the on the concrete slab below the front door, hitting his head, screaming and declaring again and again, “I am not going to school!”

If you’re a parent of young kids, you know this story or some version of it, as you’ve lived it time and time again. Your kid has dug in his proverbial heels and there is no budging. As with every intimate place in our lives, there is simply no way to adequately give visibility to the hidden cost and the hidden battles (and joys) of parenting.

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