The one person we are responsible for is ourselves. On the one hand this is frustrating, because it means we cannot make choices for other people. We cannot bend other people to our will.

On the other hand this is good news because it means that as we submit to Jesus and pursue his call on our lives, he will use us to influence the world around us. We have the power to surrender to the Jesus to have our hearts healed and our spirits restored.

We will have more influence with people through living a life surrendered to Jesus than having a life of power where we can demand that people live a certain way.

The beginning point is always ourselves. We must submit our lives to Jesus Christ, let him change our hearts and character, become servants, and model a life of humility and sacrifice. Then our spiritual density will make us magnetic. The more Christ reigns in our lives, the more people will be drawn to the Jesus in us.

Erwin McManus, An Unstoppable Force, p. 78

If we hope to bring change to the lives of people, then we have concentrate on our lives. The Gospel that we preach is tied to the way we live. When our hearts are not surrendered to Jesus and our lives are not submitted to his will, then our message has no authenticity. One piece of evidence for the truthfulness of the Gospel is the way we live our lives.

The more we are surrendered to Jesus, the more people will be drawn to him. They will be able to see the difference he makes by watching the way we live. The hope, peace, forgiveness, and purpose they long to have will be seen in our lives.

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