God is PresentFebruary 11, 2003

“God is our refuge and strength in times of trouble.” ~ Psalm 46:1

Today as I looked at the life of Joseph and the trials that he went through I am reminded of a truth: The way God helps is not always the way I want Him to help.

I am sure that Joseph would rather have had God deliver him from his brothers, but instead God allowed Joseph to be sold into slavery.  What was Joseph’s response?  It is so different that what I think my response would have been.  Joseph’s response was to continue to trust God as a slave.  The result was not that God delivered Joseph out of slavery, but that God blessed Joseph to be a blessing to those around him.

I can imagine at times Joseph had to have wondered what in the world God was doing.  Yet, Joseph could look back on his life and see God’s fingerprints all around.  God was at work, even when it seemed like He was no where to be found.

Like Joseph I need to remember this: “However the most important thing was not where Joseph was, but where God was.” ~ Life Principles From the Old Testament

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