I having been co-teaching a Sunday School class the last three months entitled American Idols. We have been talking about how we turn everyday things into idols, often with the approval of our culture. Things like relationships, sex, money, materialism, patriotism, and politics often compete for the top place in our hearts. We turn these things into gods and seek our identity, our hope, our purpose, and our life in them.

Another way we commit the sin of idolatry is by creating God in our image. A. W. Tozer talks about this form of idolatry in his book The Knowledge of the Holy. Earlier this month Jonathan Storment had post about this very topic.

“You can safely assume you’ve made God into your own image, when it turns out God hates all the same people you do.” -Anne Lammott

It was June 7th, 1964. They had all gathered at the local Methodist church like always. They were having another one of their get-togethers, and as usual they started with a prayer.

Of course, they prayed, they were God’s chosen people, after all, saved by Jesus to bless the world. But on this particular night, someone wrote down their opening prayer. Sam Bowers, their “preacher and leader” opened them with prayer.

Here’s what he said:

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