They who would live a perfect life must set the life of Christ before them as portrayed by the Holy Scriptures. You cannot see much of this perfect life by a passing glance. It is he who looks into the perfect law of liberty and continues to look that will see the perfect life which it pictures. The artist must look long at the landscape and get it imaged upon his soul before he can produce it upon the canvas. The Bible description of the life of Christ must fill your soul with admiration and with a strong desire to possess it. Your heart must lay hold upon it until that life is focused and printed upon your own soul. It is like the art of photographing. The object must be set before the heart.

C. E. Orr; How to Live a Holy Life (pp. 6-7). Public Domain Books. Kindle Edition.

Questions to Consider

  • Why is Scripture essential for living a holy life?
  • How can our hearts begin to crave the life Jesus has to offer?


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