hard questionsOne of the things Christians often wonder about is what life after death will be like. This is one of the areas, like the discussion of the End Time, when much speculation creeps into the discussion. We need to be careful about making definitive statements that lack Biblical support.

I believe one of the things we must do if we are going to do justice to the topic is to have an idea of what 1st Century thoughts were about what happens after you die. This cultural context will help us understand the perspective that the authors of the Bible had, as well as, the perspective the original audience.

This sermon was sermon #6 in the series Hard Questions, Real Answers. I received several questions asking about heaven and what the Bible says about our eternal destiny. In the sermon I give a quick over view of what I believe the Bible says about life after death, or more accurately, life after life after death. You can listen to the sermon: What Will the After Life be Like? here.

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