hard questionsMany people believe that all religions are the same. There seems to be a logic behind this belief because it seems that a common morality is taught by the major religions of the world.

The reality is that the appearance isn’t even skin deep. Religions teach many doctrines that contradict the doctrines of other religions. What this means is that all religions cannot be true. They may all be false, but they can’t all be true.

This is why it is important to know why Christianity is different from the other religions of the world. The more we know about the distinctive features of Christianity, the better we will be able to distinguish it from other religions. We will also be in a better position to evaluate the truth claims of Christianity.

This sermon was the 7th sermon in the series Hard Questions, Real Answers. In it I explain the different ways that make Christianity unique. For the most part the uniqueness of Christianity is centered around Jesus Christ and his resurrection. You can list to What Makes Christianity Unique? Here.

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