hard questionsHumans have the ability to be passionate about the beliefs they hold. One belief that many Christians are passionate about is the End Time.

Yet,I think it is difficult to hold too tightly to a belief about the End Time will be like. The Biblical data is limited, and much of it is veiled in apocalyptic language. These two realities make it difficult to say anything about the End Time with any degree of certainty.

I realize that there are people who are confident in their End Time interpretation, but that doesn’t mean it is easy to make sense of what the Bible says about the End Time. For me, it is easier to identify the things that I don’t believe, than to say what I do believe.

Questions surrounding the End Time were some of the most commonly asked questions that I received while I was putting together the sermon series: Hard Questions; Real Answers. That is why I thought it was an important to do a sermon addressing the questions, even though it is nearly impossible to cover the topic in one sermon.

In this sermon I tried to give a balanced look at all the major End Time perspectives rather than focusing on the End Time perspective that I hold. You can listen to What is the End Time Like? here.

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