what is liberty

One of the key principles that these United States were founded on was liberty. It was one of three ideas that Thomas Jefferson included in the Declaration of Independence: life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

What is liberty?

Liberty is the ability to determine the course of your life without outside interference.

This does not mean that liberty is without boundaries or that a person can act any way they want to act.

The boundaries that are present in liberty are often self-imposed. For example, because I am a Christian means there are moral boundaries that guide my behavior and how I interact with other people.

Another form of boundary present in liberty are the obligations we have towards others. We have the obligation to respect the person and property of others because that is how we expect others to treat us. We have the obligation to honor contracts and commitments to others because that establishes a reputation for us that will encourage others to do business with us.

Liberty is the freedom from boundaries created by the State.

One huge problem with State created boundaries is that they do not fix the problems. For example, gun control is about limiting access to guns to prevent murders and mass shootings, but the application of those laws only effect those who obey the laws. In other words, people who would never use their guns to commitment a crime in the first place. The very people who the law is intended to stop are the people who will be least effected by it, because they don’t care what the law says.

Another problem is that these boundaries often come with a high price tag. The cost to execute these rules and regulations is astronomical, which results in a greater percentage of our property being confiscated to pay for it. This means there is less for us to use to build the life that we want to live.

A third problem is unintended consequences. Over and over again we are told of the reasons why we need these rules and regulations and how they will make us safer. Yet, time and time again something happens that they did not foresee. This reality reminds us that no group of people is smart enough to plan things to positively impact everyone’s life. What is good for a person in New York may not be good for a person living in Iowa. What might be beneficial for a person in the city might be disastrous for a person living in the country. What seems to be a good solution today might hinder us tomorrow.

Liberty says that the best person to plan for your life is you.

You know the health insurance you need, the safety precautions to take in your car, and how to spend the money that you earn. Liberty says that you are responsible for the direction of your life and the consequences of your actions.

We need liberty because liberty is the best way for people to achieve our potential. It is liberty that provides us with the incentive to strive for a better life, because liberty puts the responsiblity of our lives on our shoulders.

This is how we make America great again.

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