One of the misconceptions that American Christians possess is the belief that we have a dual citizenship. We have our earthly citizenship as Americans and then we have our heavenly citizenship as Christians.

This causes us to believe that we are working for God’s Kingdom when we use political power and prestige to get the State to adopt certain laws and policies to conform to a “Biblical” worldview. So we turn vices into crimes, we advocate the redistribution of wealth to help the poor, and we give authority to officials to legislate morality.

The apostle Paul wrote; No soldier gets entangled in civilian pursuits, since his aim is to please the one who enlisted him (2 Timothy 2:4; ESV). Pause for a more and consider what God is saying through this verse.

Too many of us are more concerned about the direction of our nation than we are with actually carrying out the Great Commission. We are too entangled in the politics of this world in hopes of creating heaven on earth, and thus God’s work of bringing life, freedom, and hope to people through us is left undone. We need to recapture the truth that ultimately we are nothing but foreigners in the United States, and that our true citizenship and allegiance  belongs to God and His Kingdom.

Take a the next 10 minutes and listen to what Greg Boyd has to say about a Christian’s true and only allegiance.

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