The circumstances of life reveal our character. Everyone has the ability to hide behind a mask for short period of time, but the longer we are with people the harder it becomes to hide our true character. The circumstances of life uncovers the condition of our hearts.

Our life and how we find the world now and in the future is almost totally, a simple result of what we have become in the depths of our being–in our spirit, will, or heart. From there we see our world and interpret reality. From there we make our choices, break forth into action. Try to change our world. We live from our depths–most of which we don't understand.

Dallas Willard, The Renovation of the Heart, p. 13

Real change begins in the depths of our being. We tend to think that change has to do with our actions. This is why “mask wearing” is so popular. We can imitate the right actions and pretend to be the person we want to be for a short amount of time. Sooner or later life is going remove that mask for us.

Remember, when we are “wearing a mask” we are not living with integrity. Who we are on the inside doesn't match the good person we are trying to be on the outside. Wearing a mask actually cripples our efforts at spiritual transformation.

This is why true spiritual transformation begins on the inside. We need a change of heart for true life change to take place. This journey of heart change is a long and intentional process, but it is necessary if we are to become the people God created us to be.

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