I received this poem from one of the readers of Paul’s Ponderings, and I thought is was worth sharing. Remember, each life has value to God. That includes the unborn.

The Life Set Aside

in memory of children forever unborn

author Anon.


I nearly was, but never saw a friendly face

Defenseless, life within me sparked.

Sunshine beams on playgrounds never seen

Laughs of missing ones now vacant haunt


Many friends that should have been

Joys should have filled my days

Now is numb, eternal silence

Never pushed another away


Pain was present…long didn’t last

tortured flesh, dismembered bone.

One as frail needed love so gentle

Thoughtlessly, into trash bin thrown


Never valued, never loved

My choice wasn’t asked

Ne’r a breath of cool fresh air,

Inconvenience to other my lot cast.


Silent scream brief and terror’s anguish

Blinding salt and vacuum’s rush,

Forceps tugging, razor edge scrapes

Surgical steel skull did crush


Safety shattered; sense no longer

No faint heartbeat to detect

Doctor’s oath could bring this violence?

Only Mommy could protect.


Lifestyle’s freedoms to you offered

Upon me violence did result

A choice you made, life set aside

Desperate plea on deaf ears fell


While others move on to their tomorrows

Three thousand souls will pass today

Just let us go…unwanted…let us go

Away from those no love could show


Share with Mothers that those they carry

On choice depend to live or die

Be the change we beg to see.

Give a purpose to our lost lives


Choices made in the midst of strife

For reasons known only to you

Atonement and love may yet be yours

If in the future you life choose


Protecting lives of unborn children

Telling truth that others may know

Share hope and comfort with another

that peace and compassion may be sown

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