July 31, 2012

Purpose. To have a reason for living is essential to living in freedom.

When I don't live with purpose I surrender the direction of my life to other things. I surrender it to my feelings. I will say, “I don't feel like doing that today,” and I won't do it.

A life without purpose is giving away to the whims of others. I lose the reason to say no, too good and bad things, because the overriding purpose of my life is not there it doesn't exist. So whenever a person places an expectation on my life, I will feel obligated to do it. I won't have a purpose to help guide my choices.

A purpose provides a direction for life. I have clarity on what I should be doing, regardless of my feelings, because there are things I need to do in order to achieve the purpose of my life.

Purpose provides a reason to get out of bed in the morning, even when depression and insignificance are overwhelming.

Purpose provides a reminder on why I need to fight through the struggles, the obstacles, and the doubts that seek to prevent me from living out God's design for my life. I think of the apostle Paul, who struggled in so many different ways so he could preach the gospel and experience the transforming power of the Spirit in his life. Paul lived a life of purpose.

Purpose is what we need so we don't return to a yoke of slavery to sin and the Law.

Purpose is the gift of freedom, but it also is one of the ways we keep freedom. Purpose is the gift of freedom because we are empowered to use our unique gifts and talents to build for God's kingdom here on earth.

Purpose is the means of freedom because it gives us a reason for living that is greater than the desires of our flesh or the expectations of other people.

If we are going to live in freedom then we need to live a life of purpose.

What does this life-giving and freedom maintaining purpose look like? It looks like being stewards of God's creation. It looks like loving God and loving people people. It looks like using our unique set of gifts and talents to serve those around us.

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