A God Who BleedsOne of the things we expect God to be is powerful.  We want God to be able to destroy our enemies and punish evil doers.  While our Christian sensibilities will not allow us to vocalize it, there is a part of us that wants God to be like Zeus, throwing lightening bolts at all those evil sinners we encounter.

I think this is why we like the story of Jesus cleansing the Temple and the image of the sword carrying Jesus at the end of Revelation.  It is the idea of might makes right and we worship the mightiest God, so we must be right.  A very pagan thought if you stop and consider it for a moment.

When we take in the whole scope of Jesus’ life we encounter something quite different.  We discover an undercover God.  A God that used his power to heal rather than to punish.  A God who surrendered his power and authority as he was crucified as a traitor to the Roman Empire.  A God who died for his enemies.

Amazing! Not the type of God we would expect.

Micah Murray at Redemption Pictures has a wonderful post on this very topic.

“In Revelation, Jesus is a pride fighter with a tattoo down His leg, a sword in His hand and the commitment to make someone bleed. That is a guy I can worship… I cannot worship a guy I can beat up.” -Mark Driscoll

I’m haunted by the mystery that Jesus was God in human form.

Not an ambassador from God, not one part of the Whole, but the entire fullness of the Godhead clothed in flesh. The Creator walking among the Created.

We have certain expectations for how a god should act. The myths tell us that a god should be angry, self-righteous, vengeful, petty, bloodthirsty. Armed with lightning bolts and a short temper. Obsessed with his own glory.

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