Awesome God{Exodus 15:11; NLT}
“Who is like you among the gods, O LORD—
glorious in holiness,
awesome in splendor,
performing great wonders?”

Heavenly Father,

You are mighty and full of grace.  I marvel at Your creation and at Your love.  I am underserving of it all.  Thank You Father for choosing life for me.  Thank You for loving me and bringing me into Your family.  Guide me so that my life is a reflection of the love you have shown to me.

Help me to live a life that is in constant awe of who You are and what You have done, not only for me, but throughout Your creation.  Open my eyes to Your greatness and my heart to Your love.  I want to know You as the awesome God of the Bible.  Fill my heart and mind with a sense of awe for who You are and for what You have done.

In the name of Jesus Christ, my Savior and Lord, I pray.  Amen.

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