It is Christmas once again.

One danger we face during this holiday season is to simply go through the motions. We have heard the story of God’s great love and the birth of Jesus. We know about the shepherds, the angels, and the wise men.  We know that the Christmas eve service will end with lighting candles and singing Silent Night. We know that there will be gifts under the tree and parties to attend.

In this time it is crucial that we are intentional in our worship and celebration. Holidays are gifts to help us reorient our lives and focus on God. If we are not intentional in this then Christmas will slip away unused.

One way we can be intentional in our worship of God at Christmas is to remember the difference, the real difference, that Jesus made. Because Jesus was born in a manger in the town of Bethlehem the entire world was changed.

Last year, in my one sermon that I focused on Christmas, I highlighted the reality that Jesus is the light that came into a dark world and allowed us to see.

The sermon text is John 1:1-5. Take some time to listen and prepare your heart for Christmas.

Shining in the Darkness

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