We live in a world of noise. From the traffic outside to the television inside there is a constant dull roar of noise.

Not only do we have the actual noise of life, but we also have to deal with the “noise” of all the activities that vie for our attention. We have the “noise” of our responsibilities, the “noise” of our hobbies, the “noise” of our relationships, and the “noise” of entertainment.

With all the noise in the world, it is hard to hear God’s voice. Whether that voice is Bible or the quiet leading of the Holy Spirit, the noise of our lives often drowns out the voice of God.

It is interesting to note that God often called people into the wilderness, into the quiet, in order to communicate with them. God called Abraham to leave the metropolis of ancient Babylon to become a wilderness wanderer. God brought Israel out of the urban centers of Egypt to the wilderness of Sinai and gave His Law to them. David discovered God and developed a heart for God while he watched sheep in the wilderness. The apostle Paul, after his conversion, was called into the desert, where he heard from Christ Jesus.

For the disciple of Jesus Christ, quiet is an essential part of our lives. Because it is an essential part of our lives means that we will have to fight for it to be part of our lives.

I spent the past week at a family camp in the Black Hills. Jenny and I were asked to lead the College and Career group each evening. We had a great time and we enjoyed the group each evening.

Even though the week had been enjoyable, I realized on Friday that I had missed an opportunity to hear God's voice. Partly that was because Jenny and I still had to take care of Micah, who is just 3 months old. Another reason is because I had to take time each day and create the outline for the evening group. The bottom line is that I was not intentional enough to go into the wilderness, away from the noise, so I could hear God.

While I was able to experience God through the various activities of the camp, I missed meeting God on my own so He could speak life into me.

What I want to help you to remember, and what I need constant reminders of, is that quiet time with God doesn't just happen. We have to be intentional about grabbing it, even in a place that is designed to help us hear from God. We are the ones that need to make the choices to step away from the noise for a moment and seek God's voice.

The world is noisy. If we are going to follow Jesus we need to be intentional about find moments of quiet. It is in the quiet that we are in the best position to hear the voice of God.


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