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ResourcesThe main motivation behind Paul’s Ponderings is to help people in their Christian walk. I want to help people to integrate their faith into their daily lives. While creating resources is part of this task, another part of it is to help people discover other resources that they can use. On this page you will find links to other websites and blogs that will provide some the tools you will need to integrate your faith more fully into the way you live.

Daily Prayer Guide

Bible Study

It is important to study the Bible, so we have the opportunity to read, meditate, and learn what God’s Word has to say. Aside from time, there are two many obstacles that we face when it comes to studying the Bible. The first is not knowing what to do. We want to study, but we sit down with our Bibles and we don’t know where to begin. The second is not having adequate resources. Commentaries and word studies are expensive, and it is hard to know which type of resource is the best to get. These websites offer free tools and other resources to help you get started studying the Bible.

  1. Blue Letter Bible
  2. Bible Study Tools
  3. Study Light
  4. STOP Bible Study Method (The method I created based on the way I begin sermon preparation).


Many of us don’t have time to study the Bible every day. We have time to read the Bible, but we would still like some help in guiding our thoughts as we meditate on God’s Word. Devotionals are helpful because they provide a short reflection on a biblical passage that helps direct our thoughts. These websites offer a variety of devotions to fuel our time of meditation. Paul’s Ponderings are the devotions that I have written.

  1. Paul’s Ponderings
  2. Bible Gateway
  3. Our Daily Bread
  4. Ransomed Heart Daily Readings


I believe that in creation we see the fingerprints of God. Unfortunately, that is not obvious to everyone. For that reason I think it is important for us to know what evidence there is for creation, because that is going to point to the one who created everything. These websites span the different thoughts Christians have regarding Creation.

  1. BioLogos
  2. Intelligent Design
  3. Answers in Genesis
  4. The Institute for Creation Research


In a world that tells us otherwise, it is essential that we know the reasons for our faith. We are not dummies and morons for believing in God and living a life of faith. There are good solid reasons for being a Christian and having faith in Jesus Christ. These websites will help you understand the evidences that you need to undergird your faith.

  1. Reasonable Faith
  2. Stand to Reason
  3. Reasons to Believe
  4. Be Thinking
  5. Ravi Zacharias International Ministries


Listening to sermons has been the primary way God has shaped my thinking and faith recently. By listening to sermons we receive the benefit of someone else’s study, and we hear truth through another person’s perspective. Even if we don’t agree with what is being said, we have the benefit of thinking through why we believe the things that we believe. These websites provide a small sampling of the different Christian perspectives that are out there. At Bethlehem Free Methodist Church you will find the sermons that I have preached. At the Iowa City Church of Christ you can listen to the sermon my brother Tom has preached.

  1. Southeast Christian Church
  2. The Village Church
  3. Woodland Hills Church
  4. Bethlehem Free Methodist Church
  5. Iowa City Church of Christ

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  1. I just wanted to say “thank you” for your messages of God’s love for all of us. Sometimes you may have thoughts that you are wasting your time. You are not! Carry on with your good work and I wish you God’s blessings for this. I send you this message from Derbyshire in England and so you see your message travels far and wide.

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