I went through a phase in my life when I thought it was very important to do battle with anyone who had different beliefs than I did.  This was especially true about people who didn’t believe in God.  It was very easy to cast atheists in the role of the enemy of civilization, especially since I was told that the foundation of Western Civilization is Christianity.

Today, while I believe more than ever that Christianity is essential for the survival of Western Civilization, I understand that it is unproductive to seek to do battle with atheists.  Why?  The main reason is because atheists are not likely to be swayed by arguments.  As Christians enter the arena to do battle they tend to stop being gracious and kind, because they are more interested in scoring points.  Rather than influencing people for Jesus, these Christians build a wall that effectively keeps people out of God’s kingdom.

We can do better.  I love this post by Micah Murray which reminds us that atheists are not the enemy.

 This the the latest salvo in the ongoing “billboard battle” raging on signs all around the country. These prominent ads have launched much debate about the premise of such a statement, the persuasiveness of the argument, and the reception by the “atheist friends”.

In a press release distributed yesterday, Answers in Genesis president Ken Ham explained the goal of their new ad campaign: “In a friendly way, we want to reach out to people in secularized parts of the country and share the hope we have in Christ.”

But his latest blog posts — one of them titled “The Billboard Battle” –r eveal a different goal. Here, the first reason mentioned for the AiG billboards is because “many atheists have become much more aggressive in promoting their religion” through billboards of their own that “directly attack Christianity.”

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