Obedience and PrayerFriday, August 21, 2009
God taught me a lesson today. I have committed to taking communion to two ladies in the nursing home on a regular basis. I want to do it Thursday mornings, but I put it off yesterday by saying I would do it today. As I was praying through my prayer list I decided not to go, because I want to go around 10am (to make sure they are in their rooms) and I was still praying at that time.

The problem was that once I made that decision my heart became very unsettled. I could no longer concentrate on praying because I felt extremely guilty.

So I ended my prayer time, got communion ready, and went to the nursing home. I wasn’t there for very long, but I did read scripture, talk a bit, prayed, and served communion. When I left their rooms, both ladies told me how much they appreciated my visit.

When I got back to the office I was able to finish praying and work on my sermon for Sunday. There was no guilty feeling nor was I thinking: “I need to go to the nursing home.” There was peace in my heart.

I need to remember not to use religious activities as a substitute for being obedient. There are benefits in doing religious activities, but they can also be used as a smoke screen for not obeying what God has asked me to do. I can justify by disobedience by saying: “I am praying;” or “I am reading the Bible;” but the reality is these are excuses I use to keep from doing those things I don’t want to do. Obedience is more important than prayer when I use prayer as an excuse not to be obedient.

Father help me to be obedient and not lose myself in being religious.

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