Asks for AllWe were created for love. Everyone has a craving to be loved and know that they are cherished no matter what happens.

This is the type of love that can only be found in God. The apostle Paul wrote; “but God shows his love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us” (Romans 5:8; ESV). Even though we rebelled against Him, God still loved us enough to rescue us from Satan, sin, and death. Our soul craving to be loved can only truly be satisfied in God.

One part of God’s love is seen in His generosity. God gave all in order to express His love to us, which climaxed in the death of Jesus on the cross. He continues to be generous towards us through His constant blessings and provisions for our lives.

A second part of God’s love is seen in His expectation that we will love Him back. Love not only freely gives, but it also expects love in return. Andrew Murray wrote:

That love is not only the motive, but also the measure, of our surrender to abide in it. Love gives all, but it asks all. It does so, not because it grudges us aught, but because without this it cannot get possession of us to fill us with itself.

Andrew Murray, The Best of Andrew Murray, p. 76.

This expectation does not put conditions on God’s love, but it does hamper us from experiencing the fullness of love God wants to share. If we do not surrender all to God and love Him in return, we will not be in the right place to receive the generosity of His love.

A husband loves his wife, and that love is shown to her in multiple ways: affection, provision, surprises, and encouragement. For his wife to experience the full extent of his love for her, she must give herself to him and be where he is. If she decided she loved shopping, food, or another man more than her husband, then she would never be able to experience the fullness of love he has for her.

It is not selfish for God to demand that we love Him in return. He knows that the only way for us to fully experience His love, is for us to surrender entirely to Him. We need to give all in order to experience all the love God has for us.


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