Money is something that everyone uses. We use it everyday to provide for our needs and our wants.

It is because money is a regular experience for us that we don't give it much thought. Our basic thought when it comes to finances is whether or not we can afford the purchase. If we can, and it is something that we want, we usually buy it.

This is why many Americans are lost when it comes to our finances. We make enough money, but we don't always use it wisely, which puts many of us into debt. Debt prevents us from being as generous with our resources as God desires us to be.

When we are lost and trapped in a mound of debt what we need, more than anything else, is a way out. We need to know that we can escape the pile of debt we are under, and be put on the road to financial health. That is what this sermon seeks to do. Listen to Back on Track.

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