Each person is unique.  We all have different life experiences and personalities which provide us with a unique perspective on the world.  Being part of a healthy community means that we share your perspective on life with other people, so they have the opportunity to learn from our life.  Sharing our perspective will often mean sharing our stories, that way people will have the context for why we see the world the way that we do.

I like this short post from Joshua Becker at Becoming Minimalist because he reminds us of the importance of sharing our stories.

“The universe is made of stories, not atoms.” — Muriel Rukeyser

Our world needs good stories. Stories of life change encourage us, inspire us, and challenge us. They make this world better. They remind us that life can be improved… and new joy can be discovered.

Over the years, I’ve heard countless stories of people discovering minimalism. Some found it through their parents. Some were introduced through disaster (fire, burglary, downsizing). Some were introduced by a friend. Others were looking for a new way to live and discovered it themselves. But each time, I am encouraged by their example.

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