The way we live determines the story of our lives. Granted there are many things that we have no control over when it comes to determining the type of character we will be. We have no control over our genetics, the actions of other people, or the workings of nature. What we do have control over is how we respond to the circumstances of our lives.

In this post Joshua Becker explains how we can become the character we want to be in this grand story of life that God is weaving together.

“When you love people and have the desire to make a profound, positive impact upon the world, then will you have accomplished the meaning to live.” — Sasha Azevedo

The decisions we make today will define the stories that get told about us.

By this, I mean, we are all writing a story with our lives. And it is going to be retold. It can’t not be. We are going to talk about it. Our kids are going to talk about it. Our grandkids are going to talk about it. Our friends are going to share memories about it. And the lives we shape are going to share pieces of it.

It is inevitable that our story is going to be told. This is, of course, called legacy.


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