God created you to be you. He blessed you with a series of talents, allowed you to experience many different things, and helped you develop certain skills. You are uniquely gifted to be a person of influence in this world, at least in your small corner of it.

Often we waste our lives because we wish we were someone else. Rather than embracing the life God has given to us, we let it slip away because we want to live someone else's life. In this post Joshua Becker reminds us to embrace who God has created us to be.

“Each voice is distinct and has something to say. And each voice deserves to be heard.” ― Terry Tempest Williams

I spent far too many years of my life trying to be somebody I was not—trying to find a voice that was not mine.

Early in my life, I had a mentor with a strong, dominant, Type-A personality. His words were blunt, direct, and usually right. I was challenged and motivated by his leadership style. I matured. I became a better person. It was the voice I needed to hear during my most formative years.

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