The hustle and bustle of Christmas makes it impossible for us to focus on what the holiday is all about. If we do not fight for moments of quiet reflection, of time spent with family, and of enjoyment special activities the blessing of the season will pass us by.

At Become Good Soil, Morgan Synder reminds us of the importance of fighting to experience the magic of Christmas.

It was nearly a nondescript December Wednesday. I was pushing hard to finish projects on my desk, and Cherie was likely pulling dinner together and trying to focus the kids on their homework.

The only difference was that winter’s first snow had enveloped our town throughout the day. The constancy of a light and gentle snow shower had added up to nearly a half-foot of fresh powder, cleansing our town, causing Christmas lights to glow more brightly and, if only for a moment, increasing the possibility of “peace on earth and goodwill toward men.”

A whisper came to me, as it often does, nearly inaudible and easy to avoid:

Go home early. Fight for the Magic.

The pull was fierce. Cherie knows to expect me home at six; I had a full hour left to blast at my never ending to-do list.

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