February 3, 2006

Life is for living. That is the thought I had as I struggled to get out of bed this morning. There are responsibilities that we need to take care of and there are needs that we have to meet in order to make living life possible. We should never turn these responsibilities or needs into what life is all about.

Take sleep for example. I need to sleep, but living isn’t found in sleeping. Sleep makes true living possible, but it isn’t what life is about.

Think about chores. There are certain household chores that must be done, like washing dishes or cleaning the gutters. Life isn’t about chores, but they do make living possible.

I am convinced that one reason I have missed out on so much of life is because I have either paid too much attention to necessities (food and sleep), or I have too little attention to responsibilities (housework and yard work). The first gets me focused on the wrong thing and the second keeps me worried about what needs to be done so I cannot enjoy the moment.

Living is found in the balance of needs and responsibilities. In this balance we are able to enjoy and take advantage of the opportunities that come our way. Life is found when we can take advantage of the opportunities God provides for us.

God grant me the wisdom and  strength to make the most of the life You have given me.

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