One of spiritual disciplines we know that we need to foster in our lives is the discipline of prayer.

Many Christians commit to praying more each new year, only to see that commitment go by the wayside after a few days.

It is time that we admit that praying is difficult. It is difficult because we have short attention spans and it is hard to have a conversation when we feel like we are doing all the talking. Prayer often feels more like giving God a list rather than trying to build a relationship with Him.

In this sermon, that I preached January 3, 2016, I stressed the importance of being intentional in our prayer life. For our prayers to be effective, we have to make the choice to pray.

I also provide some encouragement in your quest to pray.

Big Idea: We experience God when we are intentional in praying every day.

Challenge: One day this week pray with another person.

Resource: Daily Prayer Guide

Listen: Intentional Prayer

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