hard questionsNo one is immune to the reality of evil and suffering that is in the world. It is true that many of us in the United States have been insulated from much of the suffering that the majority of other people face, but we have still experienced pain and evil.

The reality of evil and suffering forms the greatest argument the atheists have against the existence of God. Yet, when we study the Bible we realize that the very reason Jesus came into this world was to fight against the evil that had corrupted God’s good creation. In other words, the existence of evil confirms the central narrative of Christianity. The cross reminds us that God is at work redeeming and restoring creation from the corruption of sin, suffering, and evil.

In this sermon, the fourth sermon in the Hard Questions, Real Answers series, I focus on the twin problems that evil and suffering present to Christianity: the logical problem and the emotional problem. To answer the logical problem of suffering and evil I try to demonstrate that there are valid reasons why God allows suffering in the world. The emotional problem of suffering and evil is harder to deal with. In the sermon I attempt to show that the answer to the emotional problem is to actively engage in fighting against the evil that we discover in the world. As we push back against the evil we experience we are able to see God at work in the world around us.

You can listen to If God is Good Why is there Evil and Suffering? here.

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