God Is FB

The question, “Who is God?” is an important question to ask. The way we answer this question is going to influence what we believe, how we worship, and how we live our lives.

The first sermon in this series I focused on the reality that God is holy. To be holy means to be separated from the ordinary, and that is exactly who God is, because He is the the Creator of the ordinary.

It is my belief that the core characteristic of God, the characteristic from which all the others flow is holiness. God is separated from the ordinary, and that means His love, forgiveness, and justice are different from our love, forgiveness, and justice.

The characteristic that was the topic of this sermon was love. To get a better understanding of God’s love I used Luke 15:11-32 (the parable of the Prodigal Son) as my text.

The Big Idea: To be holy requires loving like God loves.

Challenge: Invite a person or a family out for supper. 

Listen to God is…Love.

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