hard questionsOne of the ways that we gain understanding of the world that we live in and the God we worship is through asking questions and seeking answers. This is why I think it is important to deal honestly with the questions that people have. Hard Questions, Real Answers was my attempt to answer a few difficult, yet common questions people have.

In this sermon, Did God Create the World?, I seek to provide evidence to support the Christian belief that God is the creator of the universe.

In culture war where this question is one of the primary battles, it is very important to look at the question as objectively as possible and understand the different positions that are available for people to believe. Because there are different positions that Christians can take on this question, I think we need to be gracious towards each other in our conversations about creation.

In the sermon I mention two pieces of evidence that I think point to the conclusion that the world was created by God. The first piece of evidence is the uniqueness of the Earth. The second piece of evidence is irreducible complexity. You can listen to Did God Create the World? here.

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