Lake KroenkeSeptember 24, 2010

The Buffalo Meadow hike we did yesterday was spectacular! It was almost 12 miles long, and poor Mark was taken out by it.  I wish we could better encourage him because he did such a good job for his first hike.

The lesson I learned yesterday was the importance of fellowship.  I know I would have given up and turned around if I was hiking by myself.  Hiking with Mike, Nate, and Mark helped me keep going.  It is so easy to lose heart when you are by yourself! I need fellowship in my life.  I am too easily discouraged to walk this journey of life alone.

Right now I am sitting beside Lake Kroenke after a four mile hike.  Nate, Mike, and I all had a dip in the lake which was extremely cold [though it remains a highlight of the hike!] It is beautiful here.  This is what Colorado is all about.  I love it here! God is continuing to reclaim my heart with every step of every hike.  Thank You, Father!

The thought I had hiking up to this lake is that I allow difficult things to overwhelm and discourage me.  More than once on the steep climb up I wanted to turn around and go back because the hike wasn’t as easy as I wanted it to be.  When the trail came to an end and the lake came into view my breathe was take away.  God whispered in my ear, “See what you would have missed.”  I need God’s strength to endure and I need to keep my hope on the destination.  That is how I will be able to press on through the difficult things of life.

Jenny is never far from my mind. I would like to share this type of experience with her some day.  Though I know right now it is essential that I have this guy time.  My prayer is that we can develop a fellowship, a band of brothers, so we can journey through life together.

Colorado had been awesome! Thank You God for providing this week to us!

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