In the United States the presidential election that we have endured for more than a year is finally over.

One thing that this election revealed is how divided the country truly is.

The biggest divide the United States faces is not along racial or gender lines, but along political lines. We are faced with the reality that there are at least two visions of what the United States should look like, along with the best way to accomplish these competing visions.

This reality led me to change my sermon last week. I thought is was crucial to talk about the Church’s place in bringing healing and unity to people who feel very far apart from one another.

It is important for Christians to remember that one of the reasons Jesus came was to bring unity to people who have been divided by sin. The way of the world is to build up walls and to separate people. The way of Jesus is to break down the walls and bring everyone into his kingdom.

I hope that you will take some time to listen to this message. It is a crucial message for Christians to hear.

It is only when we follow the way of Jesus that we can hope to bring unity and healing into the lives of people, families, communities, and nations.

Sermon: Break Down The Walls

Text: Galatians 3:26-29

Big Idea: True unity only happens through Jesus.

Challenge: Take a week away from politics and ask God to heal your heart.

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