Awe Inspiring HikeSeptember 22, 2006

This morning as I walked in the rain hiking through one of the most beautiful parts of northwest Iowa I knew there was no other place I would rather be. The rain made the woods seem like a mythical forest straight from the pages of The Lord of the Rings. It was the perfect setting to ponder.

Sometimes we have to remove ourselves from computers, cell phones, televisions, cars, and the other distractions of modern life and meet God in His creation. No agenda, just a time to be alone with the Creator.

I didn’t think any great thoughts as I walked through the trees and into different clearings. I just enjoyed being outside and listening to the different sounds that were at there. No sermons or blog posts ran through my head as I scared up fifteen deer lying among the trees or as I quietly watched the ten-point buck slowly walk away. I just wished I had a camera so I could have captured it all, but I knew that no picture could have done it justice.

As I walked back to my car wet and muddy I wondered if we of modern conveniences had some how missed life at its most real. Do microwave ovens, DVDs, and iPods somehow rob us of the awe we should have of God’s creation? I don’t know if I have any answers it is just I have come to realize that I am often not in awe of God. Perhaps it has less to do with the things around me and more to do with trying to put God in a box. Maybe I don’t see God as awesome because I have my idea about who God is and how He works in the world.

It is a frightening thing for a person to lose their awe of God. This awe of God is the starting pointing of understanding the world and my place in it. Proverbs 1:7 says; Fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge (NLT). Without an awe of God I cannot hope to really understand who I am or what I am to do. Sure I can understand some facts and figures, but the real truth of it all remains a mystery.

It is hard to have awe for God when I am so certain that I have things figured out. I think that is one of the truths I have learned from Job 38-42: I can’t even come close to fully comprehending who God is and the reason why He does what He does. Awe allows me to live with the mystery about God while living out the truth He has revealed to me.


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