God created human beings to be productive. For this purpose He has blessed us with intelligence, talents, strength, and creativity. Our best life is found when we are able to use these gifts to make the world a better place by adding value to the lives of other people.

One of the obstacles that we have to overcome in an affluent culture like the United States is dreaming.

Many of us have a dream of what we want our lives to look like, but as we dream we are not taking any steps to accomplishing that dream.

This is why the advice to “chase your dreams” or “follow your heart” is bad advice. It makes us believe that what is important is the dream, rather than the work that is required to accomplish that dream.

If we are going to be good stewards of the life God has given to us we have to move past the dreams, even those dreams we are certain come from God, and focus on what we need to accomplish today to make that dream a reality.

The Scottish pastor and author George MacDonald wrote: “To the foundation of yesterday’s work well done, the work of tomorrow will be sure to fit. Work done is of more consequence for the future than the foresight of an archangel.” (The Best of George MacDonald, p. 10)

Our dreams will not be accomplished without work and they are not going to happen overnight. You and I have to put in the work that is required to make those dreams a reality. This means we need to have a goal and we need to have a plan, because a goal without a plan is just a dream.

Goals and plans help us understand the steps that are needed to turn our dreams into reality, they show us the actions we need to take every single day, and they help us eliminate unwanted distractions  that hold us back for achieving our goals.

What is the dream you have for your life?

What is your plan for accomplishing that dream?

You can have the best dream in the world, but if you are not intentional in turning that dream into a reality then the dream is of no use.

What is useful is to do the work you can accomplish today and then each day build upon that work. That is the only way you will see your dreams come true.

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